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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  September 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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fire at a vacant church suspicious. a viewer captured the raging flames on video here in the middle of the night. hammed at the house of miracles in west brooigt. tracie strahan, the weather h helped douse the flames. >> reporter: that's right, it gave fire crews the boost they needed, not before the steeple of this church collapsed along with the roof and embers. nearly fell on all homes nearby. that's why fire crews and atf and arson investigators have now taken over the scene to find out why the caus ie of this fire is questi onable. this wall of flames could not behignored on the avenue. cell phone ideo captured the moments a three alarm fire burned right through the bricks of this building. its been abandoned for a year. that's part of the reason officials are calling the fire suspicious. >> they were trying for to put it out, but it took a while. >> reporter: 150 firefighters worked from more than two hours to get the upper hand on the
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building that once housed a synagogue and more recently a church. at one point, the flames were so intense, the office of emergency management advised those living nearby to shut their doors and windows in order to avoid falling embers. >> all you smelled was smoke. you couldn't see anything out the window. then it let up, and that's when you saw like it was raining, like raining re. >> the rain and the weather conditions is usually hamper us, helped us because the rain was very heavy. any embers now landed on the roofs of buildings. the rain was helping to distinguish it. >> reporter: even after the fire was under control, hot spots kept crews busy for hours. in the aftermath, we saw iron, stacks of paint cancer, and free standing walls on the brink of collapsing. and the activity gave way to the investigation of how the damaging fire began. one firefighter did suffer minor injuries. the good news though in all of this, none of the homes nearby suffered any damage.
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section of staten island, tracie strahan, news 4 new york. to the bronx now where another fire forced dozens out of their apartments this morning. broke out in a five-veory building. this is on the grand concourse near 165th streets. a lot of these people had to hurry out of their home, still in their pajamas, still in their bathrobes. >> the firefighter actually bust through my doorrond hen he began to break the ceiling in my hallway. and he showed me, he said come on, we have to go, there's a fire right here. >> thankfully everybody escaped and nobody was hurt. the fire was caused by electrical wiring near the building's roof. the mother accused of tossing her newborn daughter out of a seventh floor window being held now without bail on murder charges. jennifer berry was arraigned on those charges late last night. that's her right there. police say she went through her boyfriend's home in the bronx, gave birth, then tossed this little girl out of the window
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where the umbilical cord still attached. the medical examiner said the baby had take an breath before the fall. the baby's father is not charged. somber day for one new jersey community as they begin to say good-bye to a star high school quarterback. a wake for evan murray is just getting under way. he died after taking a hit during the game on friday. sheldon is in washington township with the story at noon, sheldon. >> reporter: shooe da bah, so many of evan's classmates at the high school, this is their first time dealing with grief on this level. and one teacher telling us that it was so quiet on monday, you could hear a pen drop. well throughout the day today, those students will be able to depend on each other, lean on each other and console each other as they pay their respects here at faith discovery church. and right now you can see some football players making their way into the church. police have this section of brass council roadblocked off as they keep an eye on the entrance. now that this viewing has started.
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and viewing hours will continue until about 9:00 tonight. and when mourners arrive here at e church, they will see blue ribbons on some of the utility poles and some of the street signs here on that road. in remembrance of the star athlete who was killed after a football game over the weekend. evan murray was rust 17 years old. on friday night, he collapsed, shortly after an opponent hit him during the warren hills football game. now the medical examiner tells us that his death was an accident, and says that evan died from internal bleeding ter his spleen was lacerated or cut. grief counsellor wills have been at the school and plan to stay there as needed. i just spokenith one of evans' former teachers who talked about the tremendous amount of support th dat this community is receiving. >> i tell you, the warren hills community, you can see, if you go on facebook, you can see all,
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mean, i have people, california, minnesota, florida, all calling, you know, they're all ympathy and all, you know, what, it's good, it's good to be a blue streak because you ave this family, no matter where you come. >> reporter: again, mourners can pay their respects until 9:00 tonight her at faith discovery church. and this is also where the funeral will be held tomorrow. district officials have cancelled classes tomorrow for that service. we're live in washi ton township, sheldon dutes, news 4 new york. >> very sad story, sheldon, thank you. coming up here on news 4 new york at noon, new details about a meeting between kentucky undy clerk kim davis and the pope. it happened. behind closed doors. and tesla showing off its new electric vehicle that's about to hit therroad. we'll tell you what makes this one different. >> they make ,0auties. and power ball fever grips the area.
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plus, there are no networks, and vi ually no referralsvvv needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. with less than 12 hours until the midnight deadline. the senate passed a temporary funding measure to keep the government up and running. the house will vote later today. but the republican majority will ed some democrats to help balance the tea party lawmakers who top use the bill to pull funding from planned parenthood. president obama is expected to sign the bill immediately. russia has launched its first air strikes against isis litants in syria. these strikes targeting isis equipment and communication hubs in and around the city. the move came hours after russia's upper parliament appr ed the use of its milit y abroad. the state department says american war planes will continue to fly mission
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syria and iraq, despite requests from moscow to avoid syrian air space. kim davis, the kentucky clerk locked in a battle over major licenses did meet with pope francis during his visit here to the u.s. that's according to a source close to the visit. davis' lawyer says it happened last thursday at the vatican embassy in washington, d.c. he says the pope thanked her for her courage and told her to stay stcrrong. the pope also presented d tavis with two osar s which she plans to give to her arents. pope francis reflected on his ten-day visit to cuba and the u.s. during his weekly audience at the vatican. the pope says his flight fro m havana to washington was symbolic of the bridge that is being built between the two countries. francis also prays the u.s. for its traditional of religious freedom and thanked the united nations for inviting him to speak here in new york. move ogen to today's money report, amazon looking for
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drivers for a new delivery service and tesla unveiling its latest electric vehicle. >> bill griffith joins us from cnbc's global headquarters with that and more. had your coffee already? >> it's gorgeous. yes, i had my coffee already. happy national coffee day plus one. it is the last trading day of the third quarter, i don't have to tell you that, we have a good rally under way right now. ffit will be a negative quarter for the stock market, but not today. we had some good job's numbers from adp saying that the economy grew by 200,000 jobs in the latest month. and right now it's up 124 points to cap off what has been a volatile quarter. amazon is introducing a new service that'll allow anyone with a car to deliver their packages. sounds like uber, right? it's called amazon flex. and they will pay draifr ivers up to $25 per hour and drivers can choose their own hours, just like uber. it's only available in seattle,
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but get ready for a nationwide rollout in the not too distance future. and it'll be interesting to see what impact that has on fedex and ups if this takes an edge off of their business. and yes, it is two years behind schedule, but finally tesla's all electric luxury crossover suv called the model x is finally rolling off the assembly line. came off officially last night in free month, california, it is a cool-looking vehicle. it's getting rave reviews for its look and its performance. it has two electric batteries that can go up to 250 miles on a single charge. that's important, and with the price tag of up to $144,000, analysts are hoping that the x can turn tesla into a profitable company, but it might take time because there is a waiting list of up to one year for customers who have them on order right now. so you might have to be patient to get that model x, shiba. >> they are beautiful cars. >> gorgeous. >> and that's the place fwhb california. everyone's driving them.
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>> exactly, that's the first place they've delivered them, but they'll be going nationwide soon. >> i'm going to sign up to be an amazon plus driver and maybe eventually afford the tesla. >> you could use the tesla to drive. >> put it on layaway. >> all right. >> thank you so much, bill. all right. you have to be in it to win it. right. and tonight, there are 301 million reasons to be in it. absolutely, the power ball jackpot jackpot, it's $301 million. that might be your best chance to win that big jackpot. lottery officials are changing the rules starting next week to make that big prize even harder to win. but smaller price is easier, that's the payoff. the odds of winning tonight's jackpot are 1 and 175 million, but after the changes, there'll be one and 292 million. >> all right. >> that's a big enough incentive. >> maybe i'll buy one. >> not going to happen any way. >> wouldn't that be wonderful? >> we lost the weather lottery today, big time, didn't we? we have a lot to talk about,
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let's get to it, walk over to the weather wall, what's happening, time square in the background, soggy time square. light rain falling through the region at this hour. warm temperatures, 78 degrees, let's get to the headlines and talk about what's happening and what will happen over the next several hours and days. falling afternoon temperatures, rain expected on friday. and now, we are talking about a hurricane that maybe traveling in our direction. what impact that has, we'll talk about in a moment. first, this is the rain, gone. for the most part. but, behind it, we have much cooler temperatures. right now, 77 degrees in central park. as you head to ramsey, 73, 76 in muttontown, par snippety, 71, look to the north and the west, temperatures in the 60s. and as we widen out that picture and look towards the midwest and upper midwest, these are the temps coming in our direction by tomorrow. 20, 25 degrees cooler.
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weather picture is what will happen with now hurricane joaquin? according to one storm. 80 mile per hour winds. watches and warnings set up for the bohemian islands, put this up because so many of our viewers have friends or family or travel to this region, it is going to be impacted over the next several days. because the storm is kind of me yandering, sitting there, not moving anywhere fast. just about six miles per hour to the south and west. potential paths, there are many according to different models which map it. so, one thing we notice though as we journey up is that many of them are converging on a mid-atlantic land fall, but the issue now is that this storm is sitting in very warm waters, it could become a category two. and there's a significant amount of uncertainty about where and when it will land. we talked about the figures. there is a cone of uncertainty. that's what this is. it's 540 miles wide that the point. so it uld go anywhere within
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here. most likely at this point, most likely scenario is veering to the west. what we're going to do to simplify this for the rest of the da and into the weekend is come up with three scenarios. most likely, possible, and least likely. and we'll continue to tweak and adjust through all of our broadcast and online as well. 2:00 p.m. today, 80 degrees, still a stray shower, 69 tonight, need a jacket tomorrow. here's your seven-day forecast. everybody, cloudy, maybe a peek of sunshine tomorrow. but, all in all, much cooler temperatures and we are awaiting and trying to track exactly when joaquin will make its presence known in our area. could be a very interesting several days, stay prepared, stay informed. folks. >> i would say we need much more than a jacket tomorrow. >> it's going to be cool. >> cool. >> chilly. >> let's check in with sarah and jackie and see what they think about tomorrow's temperatures. >> cool. >> jacket weather for sure.
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>> cold. >> that's why we feel that way. all right, coming up right here at 12:30, ladies, it's the judge judy clip going viral. find out why this just might be the fast'sest and funniest case. and it's the perfect day to visit new york's coolest indoor food market. where it is and why it's a must-visit for foodies right now. right here at 12:30, that and so much more. >> we'll go there to stay warm and eat a lot. >> that's something i can get on board with. >> see you, thank you. up next on news 4 at noon, calcium supplements doing more harm than good? two new studies that may
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hello, news for your health right now. those calcium supplements may be taking -- >> may not be doing you any good.
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find that they do not prevent osteoporosis. instead, in fact, taking too much calcium can cause kidney stones or even cardiovascular problems. doctors recommend eating dairy products, broccoli, greens and oranges. also in health news, asthma, it could be your grandmother's fault. a swedish study finds that smoking while pregnant can impact even the later generations. researchers say grandmothers who smoked during pregnancy raise the risk of grandchildren having asthma by 10 to 22% even those of children whose mothers don't smoke. the yankees fan who not only blew the chance to catch a foul ball one time, but three times. >> oh. >> i know. >> that would be me. >> his wife is appalled.
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a rough night for a yankees fan at last night's game against the red sox. he's sitting in the front row, he manages to fumble two foul balls that somehow kept slipping through his fingers. >> oh. >> yeah, right? look at that. >> the ball boy took pity on him and tossed him a ball which hit him in the face as you saw there. fortunately, our persistent fan, oh, oh, did manage to get that last ball despite a few embarrassments. >> she's like what is wrong with you? anyway, tonight on news 4
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the big house to your house. the supermarket chain selling you food made by prison inmates and when they're going to stop. and tomorrow's the deadline for stores to upgrade their credit card machines to accept the microchips. are they ready and what does it mean for you? >> for updates any time,
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referralsvvv needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. hey everyone, welcome to new york live, thanks for joining us on this wet wednesday. kind of like the beginning of a too. i know, i'm excited about that. get ready to bundle. >> you made a good decision because we have a fantastic show on the way, for real. for real this time. >> for real. >> coming up, it's the perfect afternoon to visit the city's mecca.
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we'll show you which venders to try when checking out the vanderbilt market. >> yes, sharing the secrets to his success we're catching up with star josh altman. >> and he's back for a new season of family drama, politics, and amazing guest stars on madame secretary. tim daley joins us live. hi tim. >> hi. >> hi. >> excited about talking to him very soon. all right. before we get over to tim, let's talk about this. judge judy is known for a quick wit, but now the tv judge is also being noticed for her extremely quick judgment skills. >> yeah. okay so in a clip that's been lighting up social media today, judge judy is overseeing a case where two men are accused of stealing a woman's pocketbook, and in a twist to a good script, it's the defendant's own very brief testimony that gets them in trouble. take a look. >> like what, give me what was stole kpn. >> my wallet. >> what was in your wallet? >> 50 bucks. >> okay.
12:25 pm
>> i had to replace all my ids. i had gift cards in there, my ear piece, and calculator. >> there was no ear piece in there, ma'am. >> judgment for the plaintiff for the amount of $500. that's what i think it's worth, madame. good-bye. >> i don't know why this is just going viral, it's from a television show that was five years ago. an episode of judge judy from five years ago. >> someone saw it again and thought, we have to share that. i think it was 26 seconds for that judgment to o occur. >> when i look in your purse, there was no ear piece. i didn't take the purse, but when i looked in it, ma'am. i'm going to be polite though. >> oh, oh, oh. >> i loved it though, i'm glad it came back. we all love a good pop-up market here in new york, but the downside is that if you don't get to it in time, you are out of luck. >> so true. >> the pop-up pros are here to help.
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here's lauren with a look at their permanent new vanderbilt market. >> urban space knows a thing or two about bringing a space together. and the great news for us, it is that they're opening their first permanent location right next to grand central terminal. today we are checking out urban space vanderbilt. first thing's first. i need some coffee. so you may know toib's from brooklyn, this is the third location in manhattan. it is actually an expresso bar, and it's the only coffee excentric vender here at urban state vanderbilt, that's what i'm talking about. there are 20 different venders here including some of the favorite. pretzels and urban space market regular set up shop here, and they have a few things here you can get at any other locations like these sand wachs, and then right here, this is their chicken sausage on a pretzel bun. and last but not least, a pretzel and a smear. this is so tasty, the seeds are
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really good. nice touch.
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